Raining and Pouring in Fiji

I wish there was more to report about my time in Mango Bay. I think bored stiff is the general consensus. It’s not the resort itself – I’m sure there’s nothing more frustrating for a hotel owner than to be blamed for bad weather. But to be fair, some board games might help, maybe a comfortable seating area… anything except movies. I have seen seven since arriving, ranging from good to weird to just plain awful.

There’s a good group of us here, and we have tried to make things more interesting. Last night there was the best Fiji dance display I have seen (but that’s not saying much). Every night they try to do something fun like a table tennis competition or killer pool. There can’t be bonfires on the beach because it’s too wet. The Feejee experience arrived last night, which about doubled the occupancy.

Just looked at the activities board. Again it is raining. The ordinary night time program has been replaced. Instead? Movie night. I think I might go to bed early!