So today I had the day off of work, with a plan to do loads of writing, a fair bit of admin, send out invites to my launch party, tidy the flat, etc. etc.

Needless to say, THE DAY HAD OTHER PLANS. It started with an e-mail from my editor informing me that my finished hardbacks had arrived hot off the press… and one was being biked over to me that very moment.

I did, I’m unashamed to say, actually start crying at that point, but you know… it’s an emotional day!

So for the rest of the morning, I was waiting impatiently for this man:


The bike man! The bike man! He had a package for me, which I immediately ripped open to reveal…


THE FINISHED COPY!! Oh wow oh wow oh wow. My reaction was something like this:


And then I ran taking pictures of it from every angle like a loon, but my favourite is seeing it on the bookshelf, with all my faves:


And then I bored everyone on Facebook and Twitter with my incessant tweets… but you know, you only debut once 🙂



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