Perth. So apparently the weather here is ‘cold’ for the summer, but the sun is shining and the most isolated capital city in the world is stunning.

Perth is an extremely laidback city. The people are bronzed, healthy and far too goodlooking for my taste. The food is great, especially the Chinese food and the seafood (two of my favourites). The main shopping centre is outdoors, pedestrian only and between two major streets. The public transport in Perth is probably its most impressive feature. The downtown buses are all free, with one leaving right from the front of our hotel and reaching the centre of the city within minutes. The rest of the public transport, including the trains, are really easy to navigate and we arrived at the beach without any hassle.

It seemed like every time we arrived at a beach in South Africa, the weather turned on us. But here in Perth the sun held out and we spent all afternoon at Perth’s main beach: Cottesloe. Fortunately, the summer hols don’t begin in Australia until the second week of December, so the beach was relatively quiet. We packed some sandwiches, grabbed Jason’s rugby ball and tanned to our heart’s content. I’m not normally one for sunbathing, but after some heavy travelling, lying on the soft white sand was a perfect way to recuperate.


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