The End of “To-do”?

With only 8 days left until my flight, I’m supposed to be in countdown mode. Instead, I feel like I’m still ‘crossing off’. My to-do list is still a million miles long, but today I finally feel like I can see the end of the road (or the page, as it were!). I took my number and stood in line to notify the province of Ontario of my extended absense, I got my international driver’s permit, I phoned VISA and changed my address and informed them of all the countries I would be visiting.  The best thing about all these tasks was talking to people about my trip and having them share in my excitement. I was feeling lost these past few days — lost in missing people, in facing the fact that I will be away from my family and friends for 10 months, in wondering about how leaving would affect my future plans.  But nothing brings the excitement swelling back than by having people, random strangers even, remind me of how much of a BIG DEAL this trip is. This is every cliché: a once in a lifetime experience, a dream trip and it will change my life forever.

I can’t thank Sarah enough for allowing me to hijack her trip and tag along. She had been planning this trip with Jason (whom I’ve yet to meet!) long before I decided to join them. Their plans to “travel around Africa by truck” were too good a deal to pass up. Africa, especially Kenya and Tanzania, have been dream destinations of mine since Roald Dahl’s Going Solo. Pile on the rest of the itinerary and you’ve got an irresistable trip!!

I plan on blogging with regularity throughout my trip. So keep checking back! If you would like a postcard, then e-mail me your address at mcculloch.amy @ (no spaces) or visit my facebook profile.

Now back to that to-do list…


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