Finally in Brisbane

Brisbane has seemed this impossible goal, but finally we have made it. It has probably been the most harrowing few days of my life so far. We were stranded in Airlie Beach for one night and fortunately were able to make a break for it by tagging along with Rob and Kara, the Canadians we met on the Anaconda III. We ended up in Rockhampton, a small town about halfway between Airlie and Brisbane. After many fruitless calls to Greyhound, we soon realized we weren’t going to be getting to Brisbane any time soon – all the buses were completely full from the backlog at Airlie Beach.

Instead we decided to rent a car to take us the rest of the way. Unfortunately I ended up in a car accident after one of the back tires skidded off the road. Sara and I both walked away with scratches and bruises but no major injuries. We were lucky.

I am so grateful to my friends Chris and Hilary for coming to pick us up from Brisbane. I don’t know what we would do without such amazing support over here. So a huge THANK YOU to them, and a huge sigh of relief that we are finally in Brisbane… safe and sound.


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