Writing advice and all that jazz…

impulseThe lovely team at HarperImpulse, HarperCollins’ newest romance imprint, asked me to provide my Top 5 tips for writing fantasy, which I happily provided. The 5 headlines were:

5. Create a believable world
4. Create conflict
3. Drive plot
2. Characters
1. Learn from the best!

(You can read the actual tips here: on.fb.me/16Veku8) But as several people commented, my writing advice can really apply to ALL aspects of fiction, not just fantasy. That’s very true! Writing a great genre story isn’t any different to writing a great modern or historical or literary story.

I always hesitate when giving writing advice, because really I’m still so new to the game. I think that the best way to learn is to learn from the best. That’s why I’m a big fan of the Reddit AMA’s (“Ask me anything”). I especially enjoyed Guy Gavriel Kay’s latest AMA, for the publication of River of Stars. If you scroll through the questions, you can find some great insight into Guy Kay’s writing process. This is usually far more useful to an aspiring author than any other writing advice. Even if his methods don’t work for you exactly, there is always so much to be gleaned from a master of the trade.


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