The Shadow’s Curse is finished… again!

Suffice to say, it’s been an insane couple of months.

Since receiving the edit notes on The Shadow’s Curse from Lauren (aka Wonder Editor) on September 6th, I have: gotten engaged to Lofty, spent a week in New York City, accepted a new job, chosen a wedding venue + dress + photographer, read at the World Fantasy Convention… oh, and somehow revised my book!

This was the big ‘structural edit’ that I didn’t really go through the first time around, with The Oathbreaker’s Shadow. That’s not to say that TOS didn’t require a LOT of editing – it did, and it went through several rounds over the course of several months: with me (before sending out to agents), with Juliet (before sending out to editors) and then again with Lauren (before sending out to readers!). But I never experienced the same level of madness that is writing the first draft of a manuscript and sending it straight to my editor. I came down with a heavy case of ‘sequelitis’ indeed.

With a strong prescription of coffee and cake (the whole ‘lose-weight’ thing was the first to disappear from the ‘to-do’ list!) and MANY pep talks from my amazing writer friends who knew what I was going through, I attacked ‘sequelitis’ head on – the revisions were a lot more intense this time around, but I went at it with gusto! Oh, there was a fair bit of angst and grumpiness and wondering how I was ever going to fit it all in – plus, the overarching worry that I just wasn’t making the book any better. But now that it’s all done, I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out. Sequelitis, be gone!

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so I’ve stolen this idea from super-author Will Hill (who goes through this process but doubled, because he writes books so big you could slay demons with them). Here is my revised manuscript, with all the tracked changes marked up. Yeah. It’s like a Christmas tree with all that red and green!

The Shadow’s Curse, tracked changes:

part onepart 2part three

Now I just have to hope that all the work has paid off! I’ll find out soon enough.

Truly the best cure for feeling too drained by real life is to head off on a restorative adventure… and I’m about to do just that. I’ll be venturing around Myanmar for two weeks, soaking up some much needed culture and experience, and maybe even some more ideas for new books? I absolutely can’t wait! Be prepared for the blog to revert to travel writing mode for a little bit – if I can get sufficient internet access, of course.



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