The Potion Diaries is on the WH Smith & Zoella Book Club list!

A little break from travel blogging to say – WOOHOO! Yesterday, the big news was announced that The Potion Diaries is part of the Zoella Book Club, exclusive to WH Smith, along with 7 other amazing titles. I feel truly blessed and honoured, and excited for next few months to come!

You can buy all 8 books in a bundle on WH Smith’s for 29.99


It has a gorgeous new pink and gold foil cover too, which I cannot WAIT to see in person. You can buy this super special edition on the WH Smith website too!

There’s going to be lots of extra EXCLUSIVE content to come – including a deleted scene from The Potion Diaries, a Twitter takeover, blog posts, q&as and videos! Keep an eye on the WH Smith website, as The Potion Diaries is going to have its ‘feature fortnight’ at the start of August. In the meantime, I’m going to be reading and discussing along with everyone else (I’ve read 4/8 books on the list, so I NEED to catch up on the others!). Should be really fun!

Also, I realized that I’ve never listed on the blog some of the other awesome editions of The Potion Diaries that are on sale around the world in different languages and territories.

In the US and Canada, the title of The Potion Diaries in hardback is MADLY. It’s being released as The Potion Diaries (with the same cover as the UK) in paperback in October, though.


Links to buy: US edition and Canadian edition

There’s an awesome SPANISH edition, out now from Nocturna, called Pociones: FILTRO


There’s a super gorgeous CZECH edition, out now from Talpress, called DENIK ALCHYMISTKY


Coming next month is this beautiful GERMAN edition, from Random House, called HOKUSPOKUS, LIEBE MICH


And there are also French, Portuguese and Bulgarian editions in the works, so I’ll keep you updated about those!

In the meantime… happy reading!


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  1. maella June 10, 2016 / 8:47 am

    Loving the madly cover!

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